Building End-to-End Risk Resiliency in Supply Chains with Avetta One

In present-day multi-tier supply chains, production processes and sourcing needs are distributed across thousands of suppliers operating beyond borders. While this helps companies drive economic efficiency, distributed supply chain networks often run at the cost of resilience and transparency. Evolving regulatory requirements and the market […]

Upcoming Webinar: Real Life Stories from Workplace Surprises

Date: August 23th, 2022Start Time: 2:00 PM ESTDuration: 60 Minutes On average 50% more injuries occur with undertrained workers each year. Unqualified workers, both employees and third-party contractors, present serious legal ramifications, and the risks are only increasing. When contractors are subbing out work last […]

How to Manage Suppliers in Emerging Markets

With global corporations constantly seeking favorable sourcing prospects, procurement’s focus is quickly shifting toward emerging markets across countries such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and beyond. However, the strategies that succeed in one area, might not work within a newer, less established market. Establishing […]

How to Drive Supplier Compliance Consistency

Improving Contractor Visibility, Compliance, and Reporting Capabilities with award-winning technology QuadReal suffered from a limited compliance reporting capability due to the basic nature of their pre-existing vendor management platform. Relying on a combination of stretched internal resources and a custom-developed web application, compliance reviews often […]

Conducting a Successful Hazard Analysis

A hazard analysis employs various techniques to identify possible job or task-related risks before they occur. It involves analyzing every stakeholder or component for a particular task – the workers, the machines or tools, the working environment, and the task itself. The core objective of […]

Health & Safety Benchmark Data from 87,000+ Suppliers

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that globally one worker dies and 153 others are injured every minute. That equates to an alarming 2.3 million deaths and 313 million accidents every year. The economic cost of this is unimaginable. Now more than ever, organizations need […]

How to Improve Supplier Onboarding and Compliance

While Valard’s existing subcontractor management system was allowing them to conduct day-to-day operations, there was a lack of a clear, statistical perspective. They needed greater intuitiveness in their subcontractor management process to ensure that subcontractor and supplier onboarding was fast, seamless, and secure. Valard also […]