Frightening Electrical Finds

A close-up look at some seriously scary electrical blunders the installer before you left behind. Some of these sketchy electrical situations were created by homeowners; others were left by kitchen and bath contractors who cut corners and opted to perform the plumbing and electrical work […]

About Intertek Alchemy

Intertek Alchemy’s training solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of frontline workers, regardless of language, education level, age, or skill. From quick, effective onboarding to ongoing operational excellence, Intertek Alchemy solutions are built for your workforce. Download

Remote Workplace Safety Checklist

Help your employees assess workspace risks and implement proper safety measures to control and reduce injuries outside the office. Remote work has made it more difficult for employers to assess employee workstation needs to mitigate risk and injuries. Employers should provide their remote employees with […]

Advancing a Safer Workplace Amidst a Pandemic

How one electrical contractor is navigating its way through the COVID-19 crisis. To keep the business moving forward, the engineering, estimating, training, safety, IT, operations, and human resources departments of San Jose, Calif.-headquartered Rosendin, an electrical contractor (EC) with more than 6,000 employees nationwide, collaborated […]