While Valard’s existing subcontractor management system was allowing them to conduct day-to-day operations, there was a lack of a clear, statistical perspective. They needed greater intuitiveness in their subcontractor management process to ensure that subcontractor and supplier onboarding was fast, seamless, and secure. Valard also needed better and more targeted monitoring of its subcontractors and suppliers. This report outlines how they were able to experience major improvements in TRIR, supplier adoption, and cost savings of more than $30K.


The Top 10 EHS Trends of 2021

Employers and employer-provided programs are expanding the definition of health and wellness to include physical, emotional and mental fitness. In other words, we’re starting to see more employers embrace the concept of total worker health.


The 5 Disciplines of High-Reliability Organizations

A High-Reliability Organization (HRO) functions to understand why early warning signals are overlooked and what can be done to improve identifying and responding to these signals. The HRO paradigm seeks to characterize organizations that stay safe despite operating in high-risk conditions.