With global corporations constantly seeking favorable sourcing prospects, procurement’s focus is quickly shifting toward emerging markets across countries such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and beyond. However, the strategies that succeed in one area, might not work within a newer, less established market. Establishing a sound strategy for emerging markets requires a thorough assessment of evolving risks and challenges and an evaluation of market effectiveness over time. To better understand the unique challenges of entering emerging markets and the secret to successful supply chain management, Avetta interviewed three top procurement, health and safety, and sustainability leaders– Randy Waskul (Global Director, Health, Safety and Environment at Birla Carbon), Kaisa Mattson (Director, Sustainable Sourcing and Human Rights at Fazer) and a Senior Manager at a Fortune 500 company. These insights will help companies looking to expand their supply chains across the globe. This white paper will explore: Supply chains in emerging markets, risks and challenges Offsetting the risks to drive value Best practices for emerging markets.


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