Date: August 23th, 2022
Start Time: 2:00 PM EST
Duration: 60 Minutes

On average 50% more injuries occur with undertrained workers each year. Unqualified workers, both employees and third-party contractors, present serious legal ramifications, and the risks are only increasing. When contractors are subbing out work last minute due to a worker shortage or other scenario, it can be all too easy for an unqualified worker to end up at your jobsite.

Join Laurie Knape as she shares real-life stories and lessons learned from her years of experience in the safety space. She’ll walk you through a virtual worksite tour where she’ll test your knowledge on where risks may be hiding.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Control risk at the site level
  • Identify hidden risk among contractors
  • Manage the skills, competency, and training across sites and projects


Laurie Knape, CSP, ASP, CLCS | HSE Professional Regulatory and Industry Relations | Avetta

With over 20 years of HSE experience, Laurie is the regulatory chair for the Gulf Coast Safety and Training Group, Vice-Chair for ASSP—Energy Corridor, former chairperson for Safe Gulf, former chairperson for SPI RP T8, member for API RP 75, member of API RP 1161, member of The Institute of Internal Auditors, North America and has been a member of ASSP for 13 years. Laurie attended the University of Connecticut for HSE and Columbia Southern University for Science and Business.