As with safety itself, good safety reporting starts earlier than most people think. Failing to do the right things up front — getting consistent inspections, wide participation, and accessible data, among others — results in more pain later.

Paper-based processes have problems in every one of those areas. When a report is called for, gathering and collating the information takes too long and can introduce significant errors. It doesn’t scale.

Technology should help, but results often don’t keep up with promises. Many organizations start with spreadsheets, but find they cause almost as many difficulties as paper. Big data and analytical tools have been touted as cures for reporting problems, but they come with their own challenges.

This session will discuss ways to reduce the pain of safety reporting — at scale — long before someone asks for a report.

You will learn:

  • The real connection between inspections and safety reporting
  • Root causes of inefficiency and data integrity issues
  • Technologies and techniques that can mitigate these problems
  • Top reasons technology initiatives fail
  • Three ways to cut pain out of your safety reporting processes . . .

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