How to Drive Supplier Compliance Consistency

Improving Contractor Visibility, Compliance, and Reporting Capabilities with award-winning technology QuadReal suffered from a limited compliance reporting capability due to the basic nature of their pre-existing vendor management platform. Relying on a combination of stretched internal resources and a custom-developed web application, compliance reviews often […]

How to Manage Suppliers in Emerging Markets

With global corporations constantly seeking favorable sourcing prospects, procurement’s focus is quickly shifting toward emerging markets across countries such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and beyond. However, the strategies that succeed in one area, might not work within a newer, less established market. Establishing […]

MERV Ratings and Industrial Dust Collector Filtration

There is often a lot of confusion around selecting the optimal cartridge filters for dust collectors. For the HVAC industry, MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) ratings are king. Higher MERV ratings generally signify superior filtration. However, that is not always true for industrial dust filters, […]

The Evolution of Women’s FR PPE

Westex®: A Milliken Brand is proud to partner with leading FR garment manufacturers, including our long-standing partnership with Tyndale. In this QuickChat, Tamara Caponegro, VP of Sales, explains how women’s PPE has evolved over the years and how garment manufacturers like Tyndale and fabric manufacturers […]